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Effective: January 18, 2010

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Copyright Notice

Tests, test record forms, test items, norms, score reports, and other related materials published by the SAI Partnership are copyrighted by the SAI Partnership. They are not to be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the SAI Partnership. The reproduction of any part of the SAI Partnership’s copyrighted tests and related materials in any way, whether the reproductions are sold or furnished free for use, is a violation of federal copyright law. No adaptations, translations, modifications, or special versions may be made without permission in writing from the SAI Partnership: Users are advised that such adaptations, translations, modifications, or special versions may affect the validity of the tests.

The test publishing industry considers Test Materials to be confidential information and trade secrets and protects these accordingly. To secure and protect Test Materials, Customers agree to refrain from copying and releasing the tests to others who are not qualified to interpret the results or do not have the same ethical obligations to maintain test security. Customers and other users of the SAI further acknowledge that they are not permitted to disclose such material. For more information please see the SAI Partnership’s Test Disclosure Policy available online at www.strengthsassessment.com/test-disclosure.

SAI Partnership’s Privacy Policy

The Government of Canada has implemented the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ("PIPEDA"), which provides guidelines on how personal information is collected, used, and disclosed. In addition, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have passed legislation governing the collection, use or disclosure of personal information in those provinces, and other provinces may follow in the future. As a test provider, the SAI Partnership is dedicated to preserving the standards of the profession, while adhering to the principles set forth in the Canadian privacy legislation.

This policy outlines the SAI Partnership’s steps to safeguard the privacy of personal information that is collected as part of our business of providing strength assessment tests as well as ensuring the security of our products throughout the testing process. This document also sets out our position on how PIPEDA impacts private practitioners’ requirements related to the release of test components to clients.

Collection Of Personal Information

"Personal information" means any information about an "identifiable" individual (whether the individual is expressly identified, or the identity of the individual can be inferred or determined from the information in question).

Personal information is collected by the SAI Partnership through various business forms, including those used during the standardization of assessment products, when customers place orders for products via fax, phone, mail or website, and when Examiners or Examinees upload test responses to the Site. The information required varies by form and is customized for each project. No matter the form, project, or product, information collected is for the sole purposes of developing or adapting products, ensuring customers have the appropriate training and expertise to administer and interpret the products, actual administration and delivery of products, or enhancing the SAI test instrument and additional research as discussed further below under the heading "Usage of Information".

Please note that there is no completely secure method of transmitting information or storing data. While the characteristics of each method may vary, facsimile transmission, telephone calls, mail, and transmissions over the Internet, are all vulnerable, some more than others, to potential loss, interception, or misuse. The SAI Partnership cannot be held responsible for any such loss, interception or misuse prior to taking custody of personal information.

New Customers

To ensure that our tests are administered in an appropriate manner so as to provide valid results, the SAI Partnership requires all potential customers to complete the Customer Account Information Form, available on the Site by clicking "My Account". The SAI Manual (regarding administration of the SAI) contains information on required Examiner’s qualifications, including such areas as educational and training background, association membership, and employment, all of which is suggested by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) for determining the appropriate Examiner qualification level. By accessing the Site and administering the SAI, you hereby represent and warrant that you possess the necessary qualifications as further set out in the SAI Manual.

Information collected through our website is analyzed with the purpose of better understanding our customers’ needs and targeting our marketing strategies to satisfy those needs. We may use "cookies" and session data to measure site traffic, including the number of repeat versus new visitors, the time users spend online, and their navigation behaviour. Collecting this information allows us to make changes that improve the overall functionality of the site.

The tracking of website behaviour can be inactivated by either having your computer set to refuse the "cookies" or by deleting existing "cookies".


To assist with business strategies, the SAI Partnership may seek assistance from professional consultants for projects including, but not limited to, translations, standardization data collection and product review. For each project, consultants are required to sign an agreement, which stipulates the responsibilities and expectations of the role. As with all third parties to which access is provided to personal information collected by the SAI Partnership, consultants must adhere to the SAI Partnership’s Privacy Policy by signing a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement to protect the private nature of the personal information while it is in their custody.


All information collected on candidates and examiners may be retained in a secured area by the SAI Partnership for the life of the test edition for which the information was collected. Information relating to individuals electing not to participate in future research studies is destroyed in a secure manner. If any data is transferred to business units outside of Canada for reasons such as analyzing, the content of the file is stored in a manner in which it is anonymous and unidentifiable.


If the examinee is under the age of 18 years, appropriate consent from the child’s parent or guardian is required before the child is permitted to be tested. The Examiner shall ensure that he or she has received such consent prior to proceeding.

All examinee information collected for use in our research programs is stored in secure files. Electronic files are stored on secure networks accessible only by the SAI Partnership staff. Each SAI Partnership employee agrees to adhere to SAI Partnership policies including confidential handling of information, and are trained to carry out and implement the SAI Partnership’s privacy policy. The information pertaining to a product may be kept for the life of the test edition for which the information was collected.

Usage of Information

Marketing to potential and current customers

Through use of information gathering tools such as surveys, focus groups, discussions and customer registration, the SAI Partnership uses information gathered to provide our products and services to customers, better serve our customers through such areas as warranty service, product support, new release and upgrade notices, as well as fulfilling orders placed by you, to contact you in the event follow-up communications are necessary, and to notify you of related offers and services. These communications include, but are not limited to, electronic or paper copies of flyers, letters, brochures, catalogues, postcards, newsletters, etc. These communications are targeted to customers identified from our database, which follow a specific purchasing behaviour.

In some instances, we hire companies to help us analyze survey results and to mail interested parties offers and information on products and services, or for other legitimate business purposes such as product fulfillment or database maintenance. These companies will be authorized to use the information in the same manner in which we have been authorized. In rare instances, we will disclose personally identifiable website information to necessary parties to protect the site or visitors to our site, or to enforce compliance with our Terms and Conditions of Use. The personal information collected will be used to effectively process your order and/or respond to your product/service inquiries. In addition, the SAI Partnership may use your personal information to send you marketing materials deemed relevant to your practice.

The SAI Partnership abides by its privacy policy across various media; however, the SAI Partnership is not responsible for the privacy policies on websites that may be linked to our website. It is the SAI Partnership’s recommendation that you view third-party privacy policies to understand their process of collecting and managing customer information.

We may share personally identifiable information within the SAI Partnership. Information concerning individuals' usage of the Site will not be disclosed to third parties except in an aggregate form (e.g., "45% of the visitors to the Site are repeat visitors"). The purpose for sharing personal information with the SAI Partnership is for recognizing customer qualifications and for serving the needs of our market. Such information is never sold or transferred to third parties other than as stipulated previously and under normal business practice and with the appropriate confidentiality agreements in place.

Customers visiting our website may also receive email notifications on specific products, or promotions based on their identified online behaviour. These communication pieces will be targeted and will always include an Opt-Out option.

Opting-Out or Withdrawing Consent

The communications sent by the SAI Partnership are related to the products and services offered by the business. The SAI Partnership Customer Account Information Form and communication pieces include an Opt-Out statement. This statement provides the targeted recipients direction on how to remove their name from our mailing list. In situations where the SAI Partnership uses lists from other professional organizations, it is the organization/association’s responsibility to only provide the SAI Partnership a list of names of individuals who are interested in receiving marketing material.

At any time, a web customer can elect to no longer receive these email communications by responding to the Opt-Out statement included in the communication piece. The customer will be removed from the SAI Partnership’s email list and will only receive notices pertaining to updates of products that they have purchased in the past. Customer electing to Opt-Out will not receive any marketing related information. However, the customer will continue to receive mailings that affect the administration of products the customer purchased from the SAI Partnership.

Changing Customer Profile

At any time, customers can contact our Customer Service at at the contact information set out on the Site and request changes to their profile, including address updates and opt-out requests. Customers may also update their information by visiting the Site and clicking on "My Account".

Collection of Normative Data

The tests distributed on the Site require the SAI Partnership to collect data on a sampling of the Canadian population to further enhance the knowledge base of the SAI. Throughout this process, the SAI Partnership follows procedures that ensure information is collected, analyzed, and stored in a secure manner. The SAI Partnership also takes security measures regarding each completed test received. For example, no names are collected regarding test subjects to ensure that the collected data is anonymous. In lieu of names, each case is assigned a number and that number is used throughout the assessment process.

The findings from the data analysis are stated in a generic manner in manuals, marketing pieces, journal articles, etc. This process is also followed with our clinical sampling process. The cases are collected with permission from the facility/institution responsible for obtaining consent from the guardian or the individual being assessed. The clinical cases collected are provided to the SAI Partnership without the examinee’s name to ensure anonymity. In published materials, clinical cases may be assigned fictitious names to further ensure privacy.

For additional information regarding the protection of information collected during the standardization process, please contact us at the contact information set out on the Site.


The SAI Partnership may disclose personally identifiable information collected through normal business activities such as website tracking, interacting with potential customers at conferences, and marketing mailings in the following ways:

  • In the event of an asset sale, merger, restructuring, reorganization, liquidation, or similar transaction the SAI Partnership may transfer information to the successor company;
  • When the SAI Partnership believes such disclosure is required by law or for the protection of persons or property; and
  • With your consent.


Customer information collected through various marketing means is housed in our customer database. Customer Account Information is filed in a secure area, once the information collected is entered into our database. The same procedure is followed for information collected during research studies. The database and secure areas are limited to access by selected individuals with either a password or a key. The information collected on our website is electronically stored in our web customer database and our main customer database. Access to electronically stored information is limited and password protected. The online Customer Account Information Form (once implemented) is printed and once entered into our customer database, the hard copy is stored under the customer account in the secure area.

The SAI Partnership will retain this information for the duration of the customer’s involvement with the SAI Partnership, and for at least a seven (7) year period beyond termination of the customer’s involvement. The SAI Partnership may destroy former customer’s information seven (7) years from the date the customer ceased being a customer. At anytime, a customer can contact the SAI Partnership, inquire about its customer profile and ask that information be corrected or removed from the said profile. Each SAI Partnership employee signs confidentiality agreements upon employment with the company, and is trained to carry out and implement the SAI Partnership’s privacy policy.


The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and leading Canadian test developers, including the SAI Partnership believe that Test Record Forms or Protocols may not be disseminated to persons who claim that they are entitled to copies under PIPEDA. It is the SAI Partnership’s position along with CPA and other leading test developers that test items are trade secrets and that such information is not required to be disclosed under PIPEDA. The SAI Partnership has claimed trade secret status for its test record forms and protocols for many years in order to preserve the validity of these tools used by the professional community for the benefit of the general public. For additional information on CPA’s position, please visit its website, www.cpa.ca.

Additional Information On The Sai Partnership’s Business Policies

For more information pertaining to the SAI, including without limitation Examiner qualifications, please see the SAI Manual available for purchase by contacting us at the contact details listed on the Site. If you require a hard copy of this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the contact details listed below.

Any changes to our policies will be posted on our website for your convenience.

Privacy Contacts

For additional information pertaining to Canada’s federal privacy legislation, please visit the Government of Canada Privacy Commissioner’s website at www.privcom.gc.ca.

If you have any questions regarding the SAI Partnership’s Privacy Policy, please contact:

The SAI Partnership
c/o Lakehead University
Innovation Management Office

955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5E1

Barbara Eccles
Phone: (807)343-8184
Fax: (807)766-7178

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